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deviation in storage by aprilsfool1478


Kaity-Chameleon has started a donation pool!
332 / 636
Note: Sketches and inks are probably different compared to how most people define them; be sure to check the examples.

*I start work only after I've recieved points*
*Random donations not encouraged, but accepted :iconbricked-plz:*
*I don't do fetish art*

:bulletpurple: Pictures:bulletpurple:
Doodle- Espio used SOUL STARE by Kaity-Chameleon 1:points:
Sketch- The Alien Nation by Kaity-Chameleon 3:points:
Traditional coloring- "You must defeat my four other stalkers" by Kaity-Chameleon 5:points:
Inked- Alien Nation :inked: by Kaity-Chameleon 5:points:
Flat color- Alien Nation :flat color: by Kaity-Chameleon 7:points:
Shaded- Alien Nation :Shaded: by Kaity-Chameleon 10:points:
Chibis- Fecking late Valentine's Day thing by Kaity-Chameleon 1:points: per chibi
With background- +2:points:

Whut plz- :iconkaitywhutplz: 1:points:
sprite- icon for Sabre2112 by Kaity-Chameleon 2:points:
:bulletblue: Animated sprite- Cotton the Moth :PC: by Kaity-Chameleon 4:points:
Hand/mouse drawn, colored- Icon for NazortheGreat by Kaity-Chameleon 4:points:
Hand/mouse drawn, B&W- Icon for LakeLove :request: by Kaity-Chameleon 2:points:
:bulletblue: Animated hand/mouse drawn- Creepypastas-Party icon by Kaity-Chameleon 6:points:

One-shot/poems-… ,… (Anything not labeled with ‘Ch. 1’) 4:points:
Chapter story-… (Many examples here) 5:points: per chapter
Choose-your-own-path story-… 20:points:

Sonic battle cards- Olivia Battle Card :PC: by Kaity-Chameleon 4:points: per card
Character profile pictures- Kaity the Chameleon by Kaity-Chameleon 5:points:
Flash dress-up game- SMRPG dress up: Geno by Kaity-Chameleon 20:points: (three outfits and 3-4 accessories, depending on what said accessories are)
-extra outfits 5:points:
-extra accessories 1:points:

Also, I love how it says 'You can't donate to yourself' under the donate button for me XD

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:iconelecmanlover1: :iconchaosdancer12: :iconvanvan-chan525: :iconcrookedantlers: :icongeno-the-slakoth: :iconhaze-the-chameleon: :iconsvc-talismann7: :iconamythehedgehog21: :iconskyethehegehog: :iconeygptgirl: :iconteamhooliganfangirl: :iconfalceto-rekuri: :iconsleeplesslydreaming: :iconexotoxicimpulse: :icontigerloverm: :iconwingedfeline: :iconenvytheskunk: :iconchaosboundjenna: :iconmorgan-the-rabbit: :iconmisty-t-h:
I'm not posting all the rules and shit again XD All you need to know is it's exactly the same tag as the one Geno tagged me with.

Tagged by :iconchaosdancer12: for 5 characters, but I picked two :meow:

1) Candy! What's your favourite?
Mystic: I really don’t eat candy…but chocolate is okay.
Pierce:*shrugs* It’s not exactly candy, but some dreams taste pretty sweet…does that count?

2) Huggles? Want one?
Mystic: Sure?
Pierce: I guess…

3) What's the one thing you never do to a girl?
Mystic: A number of things.
Pierce: If I had to pick the worst, I’d say rape…then again, that’s something you never do to a guy either.

4) Death by embarrassment or overprotective sibling? Which one do you prefer?
Mystic: I have no siblings and no amount of embarrassment could possibly kill me, sooooo…pass?
Pierce: How does embarrassment kill someone?

5) Favourite warm drink?
Mystic: Apple cider.
Pierce: Coffee.

6) What is the one place you've always dreamed of going to?
Mystic: I’ve been just about everywhere, so I’ve already visited it.
Pierce: When I was a kid I always wanted to live in Future City…now I’d like to live somewhere a little less expensive.

7) Favourite cold drink?
Mystic: Water
Pierce: Milk

8) Favourite sandwich filling?
Mystic: *shrugs* Any kind of meat will do.
Pierce: PB&J is good every now and then.


Seriously. I don't even remember having all that just lying around. I cleaned up my room today and just found it all over...what the hell? Seriously.

Anyway, I got tagged again. But before that, I'm gonna be off to Disney as of Friday, so I may not be on at all during that time. If I am it'll probably be late in the night. So if anyone would actually be concerned if I don't pop up, I'm not dead or anything :XD:

Onward to taggery! :la: This took me hours to do DX Not even kidding.

1.) You must post these rules.
2.) Answer the 8 questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own 8 questions for the people you tag to answer.
3.) Choose ten people and put their icons on this journal.
4.) Go to their pages and inform them that they have been tagged if you want.
5.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
6.) No tag-backs.
7.) Can't say "No Tags."
8.) Everyone that has been TAGGED must make a journal entry.

Tagged by :icongeno-the-slakoth: with both sides of Poppy Tier

1) 'Ello~! Will YOU be my friend~?
Nice Poppy: Sure! ^^
Mean Poppy: Who’re you?

2) What is your favorite game~? May I play WITH you~?
Nice Poppy: Of course you can! I like playing with dolls! ^^ My favorite game is house!
Mean Poppy: Not unless you can control people too.

3) What do you think of bees~? I find they're very friendly~ 'u'
Nice Poppy: They’re mean :C One stung me once.
Mean Poppy: Eh, I don’t really care. I just kill ‘em and forget about it.

4) Do you like ice cream~? My very favorite is honey tea~!
Nice Poppy: I love ice cream!! My favorite’s chocolate!
Mean Poppy: Yeah, it’s okay…I like chocolate…

5) Do you ever wish to be a unicorn~? I try it sometimes, and it's LOVELY~ 'w'
Nice Poppy: No, but I did wish to have a unicorn. :3 I bet Daddy Malice could make one for me.
Mean Poppy: Unicorns are stupid.

6) Where would you like to go~? I'll be going to the North Pole someday~   ^w^
Poppys: I dunno

7) What shall be your everyday when you grow up~? I hope to be a candy princess with unicorns and bees~ OH~! And BISCUITS~!
Nice Poppy: I wanna be just like Miss. Rosie when I grow up ^^
Mean Poppy: I dunno. Kill people, I guess?

8) May I have a hug~? ^U^
Nice Poppy: Sure! ^^ *hugs*
Mean Poppy: No. >:I *walks away*

My questions:
1. You have to murder your best friend/favorite family member. No getting out of it. What’s your weapon of choice?
2. If you were a super villain, who would your good-guy rival/enemy be? If you already are evil, who would your evil rival/enemy be if you were a good guy?
3. If you were a cookie, how long would you survive in your house?
4. What’s your dream job?
5. Are you currently in a relationship?
6. You can look into the past of one of your friends? Whose is it?
7. Making these questions is actually sort of hard. Are you having trouble coming up with them?
8. Imma done now. Have fun.

I tag:
:iconchaosdancer12: White
:iconelecmanlover1: Flareon
:iconsleeplesslydreaming: Charlie
:iconvanvan-chan525: Mirage
:iconmisty-t-h: Mince
:iconchaosboundjenna: Twilight
:iconcrookedantlers: Moe
:iconairwolf-animatronic: Airman wolf persona
:iconamythehedgehog21: Lighteningwoman
:iconmorgan-the-rabbit: Alita
No one has to do this if they don't want to. The rules just like to micromanage :I


Tagged by :iconchaosdancer12:


0. Erase the previous answers
1. Choose 5 of your OCS
2. Be as crazy as possible with your answers
3. Have FUN
4. Feel free to force your friends to do this

1. Carmellia the Vampire Bat
2. Unknown Silvertongue
3. Pride the Chameleon
4. Poppy Tier
5. Elizabeth Schepper

1. 1(Carmellia) gets to go into space and ends up saving the universe, how do 2(Unknown), 3(Pride), 4(Poppy) and 5(Elizabeth) react to the news?
Them: Meh.

2. 3(Pride) and 5(Elizabeth) spend the night in a haunted mansion, how do they survive the night?
Pride:*strong enough to break to door, so spend only a short time in the mansion.
Elizabeth: Wow…thank you.
Pride:*nods* No problem.

3. 4(Poppy) is starving and lost in a desert when they find a rabbit, what happens?
Poppy is a rabbit and ten years old, so…she probably dies.

4. It's the end of the world! What do 1-5 do to survive/ live in a post apocalypse world?
Carmellia is a vampire, so it don’t matter. Pride is immortal, so also doesn’t matter.
Poppy’s a child, so she probably dies relatively soon, Lizzy may survive a bit longer with her self-defense stuff. And Unknown can just shoot everything, so that’ll probably help him. Poppy might survive if she’s around Unknown at the time of the apocalypse.

5. It's a flying pig!
Them: Um…okay?

6. 2(Unknown) drinks a potion that turns them into a boy/girl, how do they react?
Unknown: (now Ursula) …Again, seriously? =w=

7. 1(Carmellia) is kidnapped by Black Doom, do they kick his ass or be a good hostage?

8. 2(Unknown) tries to save 1(Carmellia) and ends up being captured. How does 1(Carmellia) react to this?
Well, she’s already gone so…pass? :XD:

9. 3(Pride) is drunk, 4(Poppy) finds out and calls 5(Elizabeth), who has a video camera, what happens?
Poppy: I don’t have a phone :C
Pride: I’m really not much of a drinker, actually…

10. 5(Elizabeth) is being a troll, what's the worst thing they do to 4(Poppy)?
Elizabeth: What? She’s a child, why would you even suggest picking on a kid?! What’s wrong with you??

11. 3(Pride) is going on vacation, where do they go?
Pride:*shrugs* I ‘unno…

12. 5(Elizabeth) gets turned into Sora from Kingdom Hearts, who gets turned into Donald and Goofy, who becomes a heartless and who becomes a nobody?
Elizabeth: Yeah, I’ll pass…

13. Mine cart racing! Who comes first, who comes last, who screams through the whole race from fear and who is reckless?
First: Unknown
Last: Carmellia
Screaming from fear: N/A
Reckless: Poppy

14. You guys can now destroy Omochao, have fun!
Elizabeth: Who?
Pride and Carmellia:*shrugs*
Unknown and Poppy:*also shrug*

15. Everyone switches bodies thanks to Eggman, 1(Carmellia) is now in 5(Elizabeth)'s body, 2(Unknown)'s in 3(Pride)'s, 4(Poppy)'s in 1(Carmellia)'s, 5(Elizabeth)'s in 4(Poppy)'s and 3(Pride)'s in 2(Unknown)'s.
Carmellia: Ugh, I’m a human =w= great.
Elizabeth: Shut up. At least you’re not a kid.
Carmellia: At least you’re not old anymore.
Elizabeth: *glares* Fuck you.
Poppy: I look like a whore.
Carmellia: Shut the fuck up!!
Pride and Unknown:*no objections to their new bodies*

16. You're back to normal, now go and beat up Baldy McNosehair for doing this to you.
Them: Nah. *go home*

17. Feel better now?
Them: Sure?

18. Great, 5(Elizabeth) pranks 4(Poppy), how does 4(Poppy) respond?
Elizabeth: *annoyed* We already went over this.

19. 1(Carmellia) has to save the universe again, only this time 2(Unknown) and 3(Pride) are kidnapped by the bad guys, what happens?
Unknown:*murders bad guys*
Pride:*beats up not-dead bad guys*
Carmellia:*meets them on the way out*

20. 4(Poppy) and 5(Elizabeth) go to a theme park, what happens?
Elizabeth: So, you want me to take the person you’ve been trying to get me to pick on this entire time to a theme park? Are you feeling okay?

21. 1(Carmellia), 2(Unknown) and 3(Pride) join them, does the theme park explode from all of the insanity?

22. The devil demands a sacrifice or he'll destroy everything, who gets sacrificed to save the world?
Considering there isn’t an innocent among them, no one. World be dead! :la:

23. It's a beautiful day at the beach, what do 1-5 do at the beach?
Swim ‘n play for all. Except Carmellia ‘cause vampire.

24. 5(Elizabeth) locks 1(Carmellia), 2(Unknown), 3(Pride) and 4(Poppy) into an abandoned asylum, how do they escape and what do they do to 5(Elizabeth) for their revenge?
Break out go home, I guess. Pride and Carmellia are strong enough to break though the doors. Assuming Lizzy actually did lock them away.

25. Okay, it's over now, everyone scatter and tag who you want to do this quiz.
Fuck tagging! :icondothisthingplz:


So a friend of mine, :iconsleeplesslydreaming:, is selling chibi adoptables at the moment to fund a group she'll be making in the future. She has a few made at the moment
But she's also doing custom chibi adopts for 100 points each. Here's the journal it's mentioned in for more info :3

I shall fill this journal with madness later :dummy: Maybe the fight meme or something X3






:star:Birthday/Event Calander:star:…

Shit I've made:

Which Knuckles' Chaotix Character Are You?…


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moar plz :D


Help mah squiby creatures :D
BRB, figuring it all out again :la:


Current Projects:


:bulletred:Art trades:bulletred:
:bulletred: Story for AT with :iconmisty-t-h:- In-progress; still finishing my half



:points:Point Comissions:points:

:bulletblack: FC Bios- 16/39 (41% ) Done
:bulletblack: 100 Theme challenge 0% Done


Character list:
Sonic the Hedgehog
:star:Kaity the (updated)

:thanks:Good guys:thanks:
:thanks: Corpse the (updated)
:thanks: Ikama Advena (The alien)- 75% Done
:thanks: Mystic Mentor (the Chameleon)- (updated)

:skullbones: Bad guys:skullbones:
:skullbones: Malice the (updated)
:skullbones: Poppy Tier (The Rabbit)- (updated)
:skullbones: Stitch the Doll- 75% Done
:skullbones: Cadaver the Undead- 0% Done
:skullbones: Furtaunum "Furta" (the alien)- (updated)
:skullbones: Unknown Silvertongue (The Chameleon)- (updated)

:| Depression the (updated)
:| Pride the
:| Vlad the
:| Carmellia the
:| Anger the
:| Love the
:| Kamal Silvertongue (the Chameleon)-
:| Clockwork Orange (The Great Horned Owl)-

:confused:Characters you don't/shouldn't know much about:confused:
:confused: Heidi Shrinker (The Snake)- 100% Done
:confused: Umbra the Wolf- 50% Done
:confused: Serendipity the Mummy (cat)- 0% Done
:confused: Noel "Shyft" Goldina (The spider)- 0% Done
:confused: Will 'O Wisp (Formerly dog)- 0% Done
:confused: Varya the Gargoyle- 0% Done
:confused: Enigma Doppelganger (The Chameleon)- 0% Done
:confused: Pierce Almos (the Chameleon)- 0% Done
:confused: Data.exe- 0% Done

Characters not having to do with the Chaotix stuffs I usually obsess over

:star:Main Characters:star:
:star: Thorn the Chameleon- 75% Done
:star: Torch the Scorpian- 75% Done
:star: Flare the
:star: Maurice "Menace" the Weasel- 75% Done

:threaten:The Family:threaten:
:threaten: Jack Hammer (The hammer-head shark)- 0% Done
:threaten: Sledge Hammer (The hammer-head shark)- 0% Done
:threaten: Spark the JellyFish- 75% Done
:threaten: Shock the Jellyfish- 75% Done

Ape Escape
:star: Minerva- 0% Done

Mega Man
:star: DSN-001 "Shea Schepper"- 0% Done
:star: Elizabeth Schepper- 0% Done
:star: Shea.exe- 0% Done

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Super volley revamp revamp by CookiemagiK I don't care how many times I watch this, I'm still gonna laugh when the purple one gets beaned in the head.:XD:

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