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Kaity-Chameleon has started a donation pool!
322 / 636
Note: Sketches and inks are probably different compared to how most people define them; be sure to check the examples.

*I start work only after I've recieved points*
*Random donations not encouraged, but accepted :iconbricked-plz:*
*I don't do fetish art*

:bulletpurple: Pictures:bulletpurple:
Doodle- Espio used SOUL STARE by Kaity-Chameleon 1:points:
Sketch- The Alien Nation by Kaity-Chameleon 3:points:
Traditional coloring- "You must defeat my four other stalkers" by Kaity-Chameleon 5:points:
Inked- Alien Nation :inked: by Kaity-Chameleon 5:points:
Flat color- Alien Nation :flat color: by Kaity-Chameleon 7:points:
Shaded- Alien Nation :Shaded: by Kaity-Chameleon 10:points:
Chibis- Fecking late Valentine's Day thing by Kaity-Chameleon 1:points: per chibi
With background- +2:points:

Whut plz- :iconkaitywhutplz: 1:points:
sprite- icon for Sabre2112 by Kaity-Chameleon 2:points:
:bulletblue: Animated sprite- Cotton the Moth :PC: by Kaity-Chameleon 4:points:
Hand/mouse drawn, colored- Icon for NazortheGreat by Kaity-Chameleon 4:points:
Hand/mouse drawn, B&W- Icon for LakeLove :request: by Kaity-Chameleon 2:points:
:bulletblue: Animated hand/mouse drawn- Creepypastas-Party icon by Kaity-Chameleon 6:points:

One-shot/poems-… ,… (Anything not labeled with ‘Ch. 1’) 4:points:
Chapter story-… (Many examples here) 5:points: per chapter
Choose-your-own-path story-… 20:points:

Sonic battle cards- Olivia Battle Card :PC: by Kaity-Chameleon 4:points: per card
Character profile pictures- Kaity the Chameleon by Kaity-Chameleon 5:points:
Flash dress-up game- SMRPG dress up: Geno by Kaity-Chameleon 20:points: (three outfits and 3-4 accessories, depending on what said accessories are)
-extra outfits 5:points:
-extra accessories 1:points:

Also, I love how it says 'You can't donate to yourself' under the donate button for me XD

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:iconelecmanlover1: :iconchaosdancer12: :iconvanvan-chan525: :iconcrookedantlers: :icongeno-the-slakoth: :iconhaze-the-chameleon: :iconsvc-talismann7: :iconamythehedgehog21: :iconskyethehegehog: :iconeygptgirl: :iconteamhooliganfangirl: :iconfalceto-rekuri: :iconsleeplesslydreaming: :iconexotoxicimpulse: :icontigerloverm: :iconwingedfeline: :iconenvytheskunk: :iconchaosboundjenna: :iconmorgan-the-rabbit: :iconmisty-t-h:
Seriously, this taggery is insane! Also, sorry I keep spamming everyone with journal updates ^^;

Tagged by :iconchaosdancer12:

1) If you were in a life or death scenario and you had to give up something to live, what would it be.... Your sanity? Your eyes? Or will you say 'Screw that!' and fight your way out?
I dunno, my kidney I guess. You only need one, after all.

2) What is better? White chocolate? Milk chocolate? Or, Dark chocolate? ((Personally it's a tie between Dark and White chocolate for me....))
Milk chocolate is best chocolate.

3) Are you an roller-coaster lover or you freak out at the idea on getting on one?
I love roller coasters :iconohjoyplz:

4) What's more annoying? The class idiot or the school player that can't take a hint?
Tough to say. Considering how unapproachable I am IRL, the player would never come near me. The idiot I’d more likely laugh at than be annoyed with.

5) What would you love to do to the answer to question 4, if you could get away with it?
Murder :dummy:

6) I just gave your FC a brunch of pranking supplies. What do they do with it?
Depends on the character.

7) Will your FC object to my FC Kai following them around, during their pranking spree (if they do go on one) with a video camera to record the pranks going off? If they don't go on a pranking spree, what will they do instead?
Again, depends on the character.

8) "Ahh, it's a zombie apocalypse!" What would you do if that happened?
Murder everybody! :iconohjoyplz:

9) Which is better? Flavored fizzy water? Cola? Milk? Cream soda? Or you like something else? ((If so, what is it?))
I dunno, it usually depends on my mood. Though I’m always a fan of tea and/or coffee.

10) I'm bored. What your favorite ice cream flavor? ((Mine's mint chocolate chip!))
Caramel-ginger or fried ice cream. Both are pretty much God-like and nearly impossible to find anywhere. For me, anyway.


:iconelecmanlover1:’s questions. She done tagged me.

1. Have you been to the one place in the world you've always wanted to go?
Nope :C I hope to one day, though.

2. What is your favourite videogame or book?
Favorite video game is Sonic Heroes.
Favorite book is a bit more difficult…but I guess overall, it’d be Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Dancing Man.

3. What's your favourite character from that?
The Chaotix from the game. Sherlock and Watson from the book :XD:

4. What's your favourite inspirational quote?
“People are drawn inexplicably to big evil things. My theory is that they think that they are full of candy.” ~Skaar-Of-the-Shadows
or “Allonz-y!” ~10th Doctor

5. Do you hate chemistry? If you do, I shall be the happiest person on earth
Bro, I fuckin’ love chemistry!

6. Do you like detectives?
Bro, I fuckin’ love detectives!

7. Do you have Detective Elecman's number? XD
What, like his identification number? Yeah, I guess. Phone number? No.

8. Who's your main OC?
I don’t have any OCs :XD: All my characters are fan characters. But my main is Kaity the Chameleon for Sonic and Shea for Megaman.

9. Do you like Smosh? If not, who is your fav youtuber?
I know the name, but not his work.
I have quite a few :XD: Game Grumps, TeamFourStar, TFS Gaming (More specifically, ‘Renegade for Life’ videos), MrCreepypasta, CreepypastaJr, CreepsMcPasta, DeadJosey, Haunting Season, Marble Hornets, Ben Paddock (For TF2 comics X3 the voice acting is amazing), Veggie Gamer (aka Morgan-the-Rabbit ), and OlanRogers

10. Do Ya like wafflesssss?


:iconmisty-t-h:’s questions. Figured I’d do them, just because X3

1. Which would you rather lose: Your sanity or your freedom?
I lose my freedom either way…so I think I’d rather lose my sanity. At least then I wouldn’t be bothered by it.

2. If you were to swap gender, is there anyone that you would ask on a date in a heartbeat?

3. What franchise would you rather live in?
Megaman. Bet you thought I was gonna say Sonic, huh? :XD:

4. If you had to choose one ability to obtain, what would it be?
Tough choice…I guess the ability to read minds, telepathy, or something like that.

5. Which one of your FC's/OC's would you be most terrified of if they became/ are evil?
Probably Kaity considering she’s the toughest and unstable of all my characters.

6. What gimmick/trick you would like to see implemented into a horror game?
I dunno, I always find a game where you can’t defend yourself scarier than a game where you can shoot everything. So that, I guess X3

7. Do you have a theme song for yourself?
Not really, no. ^^; Though I’ve been told P!nk’s ‘Fuckin’ Perfect’ fits me.

8. What's my theme song, because I want a theme song, gimme a theme song?
That’s tough…lyrically speaking, probably something from Fallout Boy, My Chemical Romance, AFI, or some such band. Bowling for Soup. Or maybe something from the 80’s.
In terms of an instrumental song, I think anything from Midnight Syndicate would be good X3 they seem like your kind of thing
I dunno, I’m not good with theme songs :XD:

9. What is one honest thing you want to say to me? Don't worry I won't be mad 8,D
You will never know how much you inspired me to improve in every way as an artist. Fo’ realz. O3O

10. What class do you consider yourself? Mage? Rogue? Fighter? etc.?
To be honest, I’m probably not the best fighter, so maybe a healer? Or a thief/assassin maybe, I’m pretty good at sneaking around.


Tagged by :iconryurei-kizuna:


1. You must post this rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 fact about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag. 
4. Choose 10 people and put their icon in your journal. 
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
6. No tag-bags.
7. You can't say that you don't do tags.

1. I am the Almighty Ginger. Phear me.
2. I’m in college
3. I have a kitty :3
4. I wuv kitties :3
5. Megaman is officially my secondary addiction
6. Sonic is my primary addiction
7. I have a weird habit of obsessively collecting things, like cards, books, pins, soda marbles, ect. Then I completely forget about them but start up again when I’m reminded of it.
8. I’m learning ASL
9. I’m really in love with Team Fortress 2 right now XD Haven’t played the game, though.
10. My kitty is most adorable kitty. :I

1. Do you prefer loofas or soap bars?
I use mostly body washes, so my hands, I guess. Pretty sure I’ve never even owned a loofa XD

2. What's your favorite kind of meat? Fish, chicken, beef, pork, lamb, etc etc etc?
Steak :iconohjoyplz:

3. If someone had a (BB) gun to your head and you were asked "TOAST or MILK?", which would you pick and why?
First I’d have to know what kind of bread and what’s on the toast. Then disarm them while they’re trying to answer :dummy:

4. How tall are you and why are you that tall?
5 foot, 4 inches last time I checked.
I dunno…genetics? :XD:

5. What's your fondest childhood memory?
Probably going to Hershey Park with my mom and brother X3 good times.

6. What's your opinion on Premium Memberships here on DA?
They’re fun to have, but all it really does if give you must stuff to clutter your page with and possibly cause lag on another person’s computer…or break it.
You know those people who have backgrounds and animations in every widget and a million and one featured deviations that are too big for the box? Yeah, I click away fast as I can when I get to those kinds of pages. They pretty much freeze that tab =w=

7. Yoshi or Mario?

8. Which of your original characters is most like you and why?
I don’t have any original characters. Only sucky fan characters :XD:

SCISSORS! *loses* FUCK!  :icondothisthingplz:

10. What's your favorite kind of story?
A good story :XD: Seriously though, I’m usually okay with anything besides romance…but my favorite will always be mystery :la:


My questions:

1. What is your name?

2. What is your quest?

3. What is the air speed velocity of a swallow?

4. RED or BLU?

5. What is your favorite video game franchise?

6. Excluding adding yourself, your friends, fancharacters, ect, what changes would you make to the franchise if you could?

7. There’s an epic battle between your favorite video game character and your favorite TV show/anime character. Who are they and who wins?

8. Sonic or Mario?

9. What’s your opinion of Five Nights at Freddy’s?

10. You can pick only one flavor of pie to eat for the rest of your life. What flavor is it?


Fuck the rules, I’m not tagging anyone :iconanimefaceplz: Anyone who wants to do this, go ahead.






:star:Birthday/Event Calander:star:…

Shit I've made:

Which Knuckles' Chaotix Character Are You?…


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United States


moar plz :D


Help mah squiby creatures :D
BRB, figuring it all out again :la:


Current Projects:


:bulletred:Art trades:bulletred:
:bulletred: Story for AT with :iconmisty-t-h:- In-progress; still finishing my half



:points:Point Comissions:points:

:bulletblack: FC Bios- 16/39 (41% ) Done
:bulletblack: 100 Theme challenge 0% Done


Character list:
Sonic the Hedgehog
:star:Kaity the (updated)

:thanks:Good guys:thanks:
:thanks: Corpse the (updated)
:thanks: Ikama Advena (The alien)- 75% Done
:thanks: Mystic Mentor (the Chameleon)- (updated)

:skullbones: Bad guys:skullbones:
:skullbones: Malice the (updated)
:skullbones: Poppy Tier (The Rabbit)- (updated)
:skullbones: Stitch the Doll- 75% Done
:skullbones: Cadaver the Undead- 0% Done
:skullbones: Furtaunum "Furta" (the alien)- (updated)
:skullbones: Unknown Silvertongue (The Chameleon)- (updated)

:| Depression the (updated)
:| Pride the
:| Vlad the
:| Carmellia the
:| Anger the
:| Love the
:| Kamal Silvertongue (the Chameleon)-
:| Clockwork Orange (The Great Horned Owl)-

:confused:Characters you don't/shouldn't know much about:confused:
:confused: Heidi Shrinker (The Snake)- 100% Done
:confused: Umbra the Wolf- 50% Done
:confused: Serendipity the Mummy (cat)- 0% Done
:confused: Noel "Shyft" Goldina (The spider)- 0% Done
:confused: Will 'O Wisp (Formerly dog)- 0% Done
:confused: Varya the Gargoyle- 0% Done
:confused: Enigma Doppelganger (The Chameleon)- 0% Done
:confused: Pierce Almos (the Chameleon)- 0% Done
:confused: Data.exe- 0% Done

Characters not having to do with the Chaotix stuffs I usually obsess over

:star:Main Characters:star:
:star: Thorn the Chameleon- 75% Done
:star: Torch the Scorpian- 75% Done
:star: Flare the
:star: Maurice "Menace" the Weasel- 75% Done

:threaten:The Family:threaten:
:threaten: Jack Hammer (The hammer-head shark)- 0% Done
:threaten: Sledge Hammer (The hammer-head shark)- 0% Done
:threaten: Spark the JellyFish- 75% Done
:threaten: Shock the Jellyfish- 75% Done

Ape Escape
:star: Minerva- 0% Done

Mega Man
:star: DSN-001 "Shea Schepper"- 0% Done
:star: Elizabeth Schepper- 0% Done
:star: Shea.exe- 0% Done

Other dwellings: Kaity the Chameleon
iscribble- K-T
Neopets- Chaotix_crazy
YouTube- KaitytheChameleon
squiby- Isquibbly
Shadowness- K-T
Kingdom of Loathing- Kamal KamalS
Skype- Friends only
Steam- KaityChameleon
3DS friend code- 0473-8864-6726

Super volley revamp revamp by CookiemagiK I don't care how many times I watch this, I'm still gonna laugh when the purple one gets beaned in the head.:XD:

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